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Create Awesome UX Design by Avoiding 4 Common Mistakes

Written by Definite

If you want to engage users, user experience (UX) is one thing you should keep in mind. A well-built UX design will lead to a better business conversion. Absolutely, you need a proper UX design in order to gain new customers, establishing credibility, and fostering client relationship. Therefore, it is pretty crucial to avoid some mistake in UX design, which can cost your business a lot. Here are a few UX design mistakes your brand should avoid!

Creating a UX design that’s not mobile friendly

It is undeniable that with the majority of online transactions, your brand needs a mobile-friendly UX design. First and foremost, your design naturally should address mobile users because a responsive design is not just a choice anymore. For the good of your brand, it is highly necessary to make your UX design presence for people. Ensure that your brand’s products look great on mobile screens because if not, you will most likely lose a lot of buyers. Hence, pay attention to mobile optimization which involves aspects like finger-tap friendly CTA buttons, easy navigation, to product search.

Asking visitors to sign-up straight away

Do you think that asking your visitors to sign-up straight away is the best choice you can make? Wait, it is not, let’s think about it again. Yes, it is important for your brand to gather user data for a mailing list but this is not a good way to go about it. An on-going practice in which users have been asked to sign-up like a Facebook page before they can interact with the web app is not a good choice for your brand. Let your users roam around for a bit instead and let them go through the information they are looking for. Remember, rather than shoving it in the user’s face, it is always better to present an option.

The inability to communicate your UX design ideas

Another UX design mistake your brand should avoid is the inability to communicate your UX design ideas. Remember, most people can connect more easily with a visual than just a text. That being said, it’s very important that your UX design is able to speak the message you want to share. In your design, having a good content is always a good idea. However, it is not going to help much if the combination of all elements (image, text, videos) are not concise, systematic, and easy to understand. One more thing, make sure to communicate your vision, ideas, and products through your design.

Designing UX for yourself

When designing a website, it’s easy to get carried away and before you know it you’re making a UX design based on your own preference. Designing it for your self is a mistake because just as you have to write the copy your user needs, you have to design a UX your user needs. Make sure to always design for the people who actually use your site. What is the point of designing UX that people don’t need? Therefore, let’s begin with conducting quantitative research to identify problem areas such as where are users dropping off or what are they spending a lot of time on. Conduct qualitative research to define the why is also important in order to make the best UX design for your actual users.

Make sure to avoid these User Experience design mistakes. Having a well thought out UX for your brand is getting more important by the day since it will absolutely bring a great impact on your loving brand!

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