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Building the Company of D.R.E.A.M.S.

Written by Hadi Mahmud, 07 October 2015

Building an organization of your dreams is no easy task. It takes the right mix of leadership, attitude, mentality and team chemistry to pull it off. Here is a breakdown of what D.R.E.A.M.S. stands for and how we apply at it Definite:


Accommodating differences in perspective, habits of mind, core assumptions, and worldviews bring tremendous value to a constantly evolving workplace. Definite employees come from a wide range of backgrounds – journalists, programmers, designers, finance, insurance, and even medicine. There is no such thing as gender inequality. Regardless of your gender, everyone is eligible for the same opportunities. Rianny Tambuwun, our long-time project manager and Kalista Cendani, our Head of UX, are Associates at the company.

Radical honesty

Definite Day is a great example of employee voice, where they make their views heard, considered and are encouraged to contribute to making the organization a better place to work in. No matter which level you are at in the organization, everyone has a say. We encourage people to speak out if they don’t agree with something or if a situation is not working out for them. Information is not restricted to upper management, it is disseminated across the organization – we minimize the barriers as much as we can.


Extra value

It doesn’t matter which background you’re from. Learning is a lifetime process. If you are coachable and willing to step out of your comfort zone, there is bound to be someone in Definite who is willing to show you the ropes. We don’t see individuals for who they are now, but who they will be in 20 years’ time.Definite Sharing Day, held every month, is a day when one employee – regardless of their background – is chosen to make a presentation on any topic with the objective of imparting their knowledge to the others. Think of it as knowledge transfer in a casual setting.


For us, it’s not just about the money. Our aim is to give the biggest impact and benefit to our clients and society as a whole, and change the way people do business for the better in the digital realm.


There are three keywords relevant to meaning in this context: connections, community, and cause. The level of transparency at Definite is such that all employees know how how their work connects to others. Despite living in a mobile environment where we are required to work remotely at times (perhaps due to bad traffic, illness, the desire for peace and quiet), yet there is still a sense of belonging for everyone at Definite.

Activities such as sports days, potlucks, movie nights, annual company outings as well as Definite Sharing Day contribute to this sense of belonging. Definite employees involved in a project know their work does not end when the project ends.

Picture of intern's graduation at Definite

For example, with the recent Definite website revamp, our work is not finished when the new website is launched. We need to ensure that the long-term goals are achieved, such as driving traffic to the website with the aim of positioning ourselves as THE digital agency to go to in Indonesia. SEOs, social media presence and employee advocacy platforms all contribute to the end goal: engagement with our clients, potential hires and converting leads.

Simple rules

Bureaucracy is minimized as much as possible. For example, the CEO makes an effort to make himself directly accessible to anyone (when his schedule allows) to voice out their concerns, suggest ideas or explore potential business opportunities. Despite the strong sense of culture here at Definite – a high-performance organization – there is never a time when an individual cannot fit into the company. We will always make the effort to adapt to the individuals we wish to engage.

If this is the kind of company you would like to work for, join here.

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