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Important UX Design Keys to Elevate Your Brand

Written by Definite

There are many ways to elevate your brand. Applying the fundamental user experience (UX) principles is one of them. Determining the perfect design strategy to develop a user-friendly platform may not be an easy task. However, you still can make the best decision by doing an observation. When you want to develop a design based on UX, observation is the most critical asset you have to remember. Furthermore, there are some principles you must consider prior to UX design in order to elevate your brand. What are they? Here is the complete information!

Having a contextual theme

The first fundamental UX design principle you can implement is having a contextual theme. It is important to make your user journey on your platform similar to a storyline build-up. They should be also looking more of it right after they visit your site. Just like Facebook’s social platform, you can access every piece of content right from the homepage. Therefore, even if your platform is a different genre, you still need a comprehensive site build-up. A unified theme requires your site to contain an interesting stories-related product, colors-used to objectify a point, and also easy to navigate.

Make sure to involve your user

To elevate your brand, you also need to create a UX design that involves your user. Before you start creating a UX design, you have to know what kind of experience you want to create in the first place. Moreover, you have to know why you need to create this experience as well. That’s why it’s better if you talk to your target users beforehand. Since designing is a fuzzy process between intuition and data, it is important to have a conversation with your user to create the best UX design. Remind yourself to step away from your own perspective in order to know your users’ need before you start designing.

Be human, findable, easy, and simple

When it comes to creating a UX design, there are four important things you need to keep in mind. First, see your UX design as a human that’s approachable, transparent, and trustworthy. Try to provide human interactions. Second, be findable by establishing a strong information scent and providing way-finding signs. Third, be easy by reducing your user’s cognitive workload whenever possible, be clear, and establishing a strong visual hierarchy. Fourth, be simple by avoiding jargon, distractions, and long loading times.

Understand the relationship between UX and brand perception

In order to elevate your brand, you should understand the relationship between your UX design and brand perception. Because UX will directly impact your target market’s perspective about your product, it is very crucial to have a better understanding of them. Since UX isn’t just about layouts or graphics, it is becoming more important to mind its functionality. Facebook, for example, the company has recently changed its logo. Did you notice it? Probably you did not unless you read an article about it or saw its news release.

On the contrary, whenever Facebook changes the way the messenger app works, most people notice immediately. Many users, in fact, threaten to leave the popular social networking site after a simple change like this. This perfectly illustrates how UX really depends on in functionality. Moreover, how your variety of digital extensions work has a direct impact on the perception of your brand in the marketplace.

Those are some fundamental UX design principles you should know. By knowing and applying these things, you will more likely to elevate your brand successfully. Good luck!

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