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Written by Hadi Mahmud, 08 October 2015

“If your employees aren’t your biggest fans, you have bigger problems than social media.”

– Jay Baer, Marketing Speaker & Coach

‘Employee advocacy’ is a term used to describe the exposure that employees generate for brands using their own online assets.

Why does it matter?

  • By turning your employees into brand ambassadors, they become your best and biggest asset.
  • Some of your employees might hold more online reach and influence than the CEO – and in some cases even more than your own brand.
  • Regardless of their influence or reach, all your employees can help you reach your brand goals and KPIs.
  • It inspires employee engagement with the brand.
  • The results will be measurable.

Your workforce is an untapped conversation engine – if you’re not in the conversation you don’t exist. Your employees should naturally play the role of conversation starters and represent the brand. It’s always important to remember that at the end of the day, they’re consumers too.

Advocacy Marketing Inspires Employee Engagement

  • We are what we share. People are more likely to promote content that makes them look good. Team members feel empowered when they are given the opportunity to contribute to brand building, and this is what makes employee advocacy programs successful.
  • We want to speak what’s on our mind. If we are actively thinking about a particular topic, we are more likely to talk about it.
  • We imitate what we admire. Employees are more likely to share what their colleagues and favorite thought leaders are sharing.

Results Will Be Measurable, Directly Impacting Your Brand

Over time, an employee advocate program will yield a direct benefit to your organization. There are three KPIs that your program will influence:

  • Content discoverability: Direct access to millions of audience through employees’ networks.
  • Authentically earned media: Compelling content about your brand shared organically.
  • Cost-efficient results: Branded social content delivered 1/5th the cost of other channels.

So What Is Amplifia?

It’s a mobile-first solution that enables employees to curate brand identity by sharing brand-related stories within their social network via a simple smartphone app – complete with an employee advocacy management dashboard for your company’s person-in-charge.

What it allows you to do:

  • Measure Quantifiable ROIs
  • Manage, publish and feed content directly
  • Manage your team members’ access

5 Steps To A Successful Employee Advocacy Program


Amplifia Advocay Program

There Is A Solution For Every Department

  • HR & Company Culture: Let proud employees endorse the company as a great place to work in and contribute to manpower recruitment
  • Social Selling: Establish and extend relationships with prospective clients and customers on social media
  • Lead Generation: Increase sales leads and conversions by having an always-on marketing channel
  • Brand Awareness: Humanize your brand and increase awareness through your employees’ own voices, making it authentic in the process
  • Event Promotion: Drive more registrants and attendees to webinars and events via real-time sharing

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