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Mobile App Design: 4 Things You Should Know

Written by Definite, 17 January 2019

Creating a proper mobile app design is much needed to make users have a good experience.
With good user experience, your app will be easily picked. It can be a good promotion strategy
for your brand. However, designing a mobile app is not an easy task. But don’t worry because
we want to give you a few tips to help you create a proper UX design for your mobile app.

It’s not desktop
Designing a mobile app is not like designing a website for the desktop. Even now the technology
lets the smartphone screen getting bigger and desktop is smaller; things do not work like that.
However, the mobile app is designed to simplify many things; one thing that desktop program
cannot do. So, what things to consider? Here are some tips for you.

Pay attention to thumbs movement
Unlike desktop program that uses a cursor to reach out the whole things, mobile app directly
uses your hand to reach out. Thumbs are bigger than a cursor. Make sure that you design the
app that can cover all kind of thumbs movement. Bigger thumbs tend to reach a small button
and a smaller thumb cannot reach certain side. Pay attention to these things.

A mobile app has different zones
Desktop’s cursor is easier to control since it is small. Well, your thumb is not. Thus, the mobile
app has different zones for this. A mobile app has some sort of “map” that let you put in some
stuff. For example, there is a green zone, the easiest zone for your thumbs to reach. So, it is best
to put the call-to-action button (share or like button) there.

Keep it small
Lagging screen is annoying, especially when you are running out of time. The solution is to
create your mobile app as small as possible. Avoid having useless stuff like a small detail that
user will not notice. You can consider using skeleton screen. This kind of screen lets your users
having some kind of “spoiler” of your app even though the connection is slow or the screen is

Be practical
Keep in mind that mobile app is not the “fun size” of desktop websites. A mobile app is designed
to be multitasking and have various possibilities. Giving it an offline mode is a great option; the
user can use your apps even the connection is not available.

Do a user test
The last but definitely not least. A great app without a user is like a soulless body. You know that
your app is great but there is no one to experience it, then what? That’s why you need to do a
user-test after you’re done designing—before it launched to the public. The user will give you
feedback to develop your mobile app design in the future.

Good mobile app design will help your brand to grow. Nevertheless, it is not an easy process;
there are many things to be considered. Tips listed above are some things you need to keep in
mind. So, ready to design your mobile app?

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