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Quick Tips On How To Provide Training For Clients

Written by Arif Mauldi, 09 October 2015

Content maintenance can be overwhelming at some point, that is true, even for an expert. Not every clients have the resources or skilled staff to maintain website at initial launch. You can however, provide them a simple solution by providing a proper training.

Here’s a few tips that might help you along the way.

Compile a simple and brief steps with clear explanation into one manual guide book to help them. This might save you and your client from confusion during training.

Understand your clients
Invest your time to research your clients. That information will help you to understand them better, thus allowing you to determine your tone and attitude or whether you should present yourself formally or less formal.

Make it short..if possible
Overdoing it will eventually sends you into chaos. Stop imposing yourself as a developer, instead find a common ground with your clients by providing them with a simple, brief and easy to understand tutorials. Avoid using jargon if possible.

Pay attention to your health
This may sound trivial, but believe me, you need this and it goes along the way. You need to be at your top condition to perform well on the training as the whole process will exhaust you. You can simply start by improving your diet and get a good rest.

Have fun!
Finally, try not to be anxious before training or during training. Instead, take it easy and treat it as an opportunity or chance to meet awesome people out there, an exciting experience, establish connections and network.

Have fun and good luck guys!

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