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Written by Kalista Cendani, 08 October 2015

Know Your Team: University of UX

Hello there! We are a group of quirky people who are passionate about delivering the best user experience possible in everything we do. We have come a long way to get to where we are now. After successfully completing dozens of exciting projects, I must admit that the journey hasn’t been easy. Having worked with the team for a couple of years, I realized there is a trait that is common among all of us: our willingness to learn new things.

The members of this team didn’t come from the same womb. But I see the diversity in our backgrounds and strengths as an advantage. Having a mix of people who come from different industries, with fresh perspectives, gives us the right degree of openness and encourages tolerance for different points of views. It gives us the opportunity to learn about other disciplines, and that’s a great recipe for success. Driven by a passion for creating great products and services, we are constantly learning new things every day with the objective of becoming the best user experience architects we can possibly be.

What’s in our syllabus?


We wouldn’t name ourselves the UX Team if we weren’t walking the talk. From conceptualization to delivery; from a wireframe sketch on a piece of paper to lead conversions; our intellectual and creative knives are continuously sharpened. I never had to worry too much about not being well-versed in visual design (hell, I majored in communication studies – journalism to be exact), because learning about UX – under the valuable guidance of our CEO – meant that I was opening myself to a totally new discipline that went beyond visual arts.


Collaboration and co-creation

Being part of the company’s core means you have to know how to work with producers and the tech team. Each of these teams represent a link in a long chain of command – and a company is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, collaboration is second nature for individuals working in our organization. You will challenge each other every day, and as a team, you will learn how to address these challenges and use the solutions to your advantage.

Collaboration is awesome
Collaboration is awesome

Winning – and Losing

Winning is mandatory. In fact, winning is a standard. We have won great projects, and in some cases won the hearts of our clients. As cheesy as that sounds, there is a point to be made here. We learn how to live up to the standards or ideas we set when we first pitch an idea. But during the times that we lose, we also learn how to lose gracefully, and more importantly, how to cope with the loss.

Naturally you would want to play the blame game and point fingers at the culprits responsible for the failure. Be it limitations brought upon by the clients’ budget, their misconceptions of how a digital campaign should work, in-office politics, you name it – but sometimes it all simply boils down to the fact that the pitch we proposed to the client in the first place was complete and utter shit. This is all part of the learning process. Our teammates would never let you sit by yourself in a corner dwelling over a morale-crushing loss. Instead, we move on, and help you prepare yourself better for the next battle.



You work so hard and oftentimes under so much pressure and intensity that you forget what else you live for (I’m half-kidding). But what is the purpose of working so hard if you’re not going to have the same amount of fun along the way? I learnt how to treat each project as my own personal canvas. I play around with them. Tweak them. I get excited when it reaches levels I never thought it could reach. And of course, we have a TV and god willing, enough bandwidth on those days we want to watch the movies or TV shows of our liking. Not only that, there’s sports day every Tuesday, potlucks and movie nights on Fridays and of course, our eagerly-awaited annual company outings.


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