Work Hard, Play Hard

Written by Hadi Mahmud, 08 October 2015

We’ve all heard of the saying “work hard, play hard”. It sounds like a motto soulless corporations sell to new recruits; a polite way of saying “you will work your ass off trying to meet difficult demands – and you will play never”.

Despite being workplace that is run far from the way traditional corporations are, working and playing hard is exactly what we do at Definite. You’re probably thinking “oh god, not this corporate speak again” – so before you close this tab and bolt, hear me out.

It’s about full engagement

Imagine being able to go to boring but critical meetings and fully engage in the discussion without zoning out. Imagine if you could sit calmly at your desk, checking off tasks one by one as efficiently as humanly possible, without blankly staring at the screen for long periods or worse, procrastinating via YouTube or Facebook for absurd amounts of time.

If you’re one of the lucky few with the natural gift to get the most out of your focus day in, day out – lucky you.

It’s 3pm, and you’ve had a long day attending countless meetings and completing concentration-intensive tasks, but you still have a few more important deadlines to meet. But you can’t think straight anymore. This is where productivity is lost. You’re not focused, and you end up multi-tasking – the least productive modus operandi. For most of us, the loss of focus occurs when your brain enters the ‘grey zone’ – the zone between engaged and disengaged.

Disengaging by engaging (and vice-versa)

There is no one-size-if-fits-all solution for every individual, so at Definite we regularly hold non-work-related activities to make sure everyone gets a chance to disengage from work – and at the same time engage with peers, especially with those who they normally might not interact or work with in the office on a regular basis.

Every Tuesday afternoon is Sports Day, where everyone is free to play a sport or do a physical activity of their own choosing – normally futsal, basketball or running. A potluck and movie night is held on the first Friday of every month.

Picture of Futsal every Tuesday afternoon at Lapangan Blok S
Futsal every Tuesday afternoon at Lapangan Blok S

Once a year, an internal committee is formed to organise the annual company outing. Last year saw all Definite staff hop on a bus to Anyer beach, a beach town in Banten about 38km from Serang City. As with any company outing, the team took part in all manners of fun-filled, team bonding activities – from watersports to beach football to releasing sky lanterns into the night sky.

This year will see all of us take a trip to Mount Bromo. Spontaneous activities are also organized several times a year, such as “Ayo Let’s Go!” in October where hiking enthusiasts and outdoor lovers climbed Mount Papandayan and spent the night on a camping ground in the vicinity.

Moderation in everything

Everyone at Definite acknowledges that all work and no play is never a good thing. It decreases efficiency and dulls creativity. As with everything in life, balance is key. It’s important to put in the effort – but it’s just as important to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

All in all, working hard and playing hard (and plenty of rest) increases the chances of full engagement.

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