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Digitizing Donations to Social Causes
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Building a User-Centric Platform to Connect All Stakeholders

As Indonesia’s leading humanitarian foundation, Dompet Dhuafa wanted to establish an integrated platform where anyone can donate to foundations, organizations or verified communities easily.

Being a digital transformation project that leads to a new business unit, our main concern was how we can make the process pain-free for all stakeholders involved, including the end-user.

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Creating a product for multiple stakeholders is always challenging, so the main concern was how can we create a website that can cater everyone’s needs and wants. So, having an integrated ecosystem that can easily be accessed anywhere, anytime, was first on our list.

Users can register as a donor or even register themselves as social institutions where they can connect through a social cause marketplace and provide value to one another. When users find which social cause they want to donate to, rather than have them wire the donation directly to the institution, we centralised all donation process through Dompet Dhuafa, by integrating with Midtrans as the payment gateway partner.

Definite BawaBerkah
Test. Iterate. Scale.

We approached the project with scrum as our development life cycle. This enabled us to iterate frequently in a shorter roll-out to market time.

We started with a minimum viable product . Collaborating closely with MidTrans as payment partner, we’re able to release private beta quickly. As with any scrum developed software, we gain feedbacks as early as possible. This iterative cycle allows us to scale the product swiftly.

Definite BawaBerkah
Preparing for the Future

Because the platform will be dealing with people donating money, security was in mind the whole time we were in development. The roadmap was also future-proven by developing a robust foundation for the platform to be easily scaled in the future by building it from current technology such as Docker, Golang, Rancher, Laravel, and Vue.js.

This enables us to scale with features that can cater to not only donating money, but users will also be able to donate their time, skills, or aid to a social cause.


Backed by a prestigious humanitarian foundation, BawaBerkah will continue to grow organically.

Since its beta launch, BawaBerkah is still in active development. We have successfully set a solid foundation for more features rollout in the future. The product roadmap includes mobile app, donate unused items, and many more.

  • Dompet Dhuafa
  • MidTrans
Creative Director
  • Harya Bimo
Account Manager
  • Mei Murni
UX Lead
  • Mahisi Annatsa
UX Engineers
  • Ade Harseno
Scrum Master
  • Indra Bayu
  • Franheit Sangapta
Frontend Engineers
  • Widiyaksa Ardiantoro
Backend Developer
  • Azzam Islami
  • Deden Maulana
  • Daru Moeljono


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