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Inspire, educate, and engage through #LampauiBatasAmbisimu

How we establish meaningful connections through inspiring content

#LampauiBatasAmbisimu is a one year campaign ecosystem that listens to the ambitions of existing and potential customers from different markets and guides them on their growth journey, every step of the way. By acknowledging the audience’s main ambitions, the campaign was translated and distributed through various communication channels from owned channels, EDM, campaign platform, social media & content, and paid media strategy.

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Getting to Know Everyone’s Ambitions

During the launch phase, the campaign site was populated with rich content that gives in-depth information on how to achieve ambitions and more. With intuitive user journey based on the needs of different sets of target audience, the platform will act as a campaign hub that hosts all activities throughout the campaign period.

Targeted Leads Follow Up by Targeting Specific Audiences

EDM became crucial in communicating to existing HSBC customers, even from different banking groups. This became especially important in following up on a lead acquisition that stemmed from different target audiences with different ambitions. Our objective was not to send a follow up email for everyone, but send a follow up email to particular ambition-seekers to offer them ways to continue the steps they’ve made for their short term ambitions and implement them on the longer term goals.

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Speaking to Audiences that Care

The content production was aimed to endorse stories relevant to the audience’s ambitions and speaks about those topics in-depth through insights, trivia, testimonials, as well as product explanations spread across engaging and easy to digest content types, such as articles/listicles, infographics, extensive use of images, as well as motion graphics.

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Amplifying the Campaign through Social Media

Conversation was then kick-started by a set of influential figures talking about their ambitions and inviting their followers to chirp in with stories of their own ambitions and how they want to achieve them. We also carefully selected which channels spoke to the different customer types, such as not using Twitter to speak to the Affluent market and have it on Facebook instead.

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The campaign established HSBC’s new approach from targeting mass audience, to more carefully select who the target audiences through various relevant channels, resulting in better lead acquisition, and ultimately, easier follow up from their part because they will already know what to talk about to each lead that is being followed up.

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