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How we helped OLX to be relevant to new users and lead the growing market

We had an opportunity to work with OLX to build a user interface and overall campaign on the relaunch of their new app. The vision was to enhance the user experience through a better visual interface, which stood by three main principles: Human-centered design, brand reflection, and delivering the design. The same was also applied on the campaign to launch the new app.

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Focusing on Improving the User Experience

The UI focused on handling all of the main pillars of experience to newer set of younger customers without alienating their existing customers who were used to the experience of the service, both on their respective site and mobile application.

This meant going for a more native look, bringing cleanliness and lightness to the interface, while we look for a sweet spot between platform style guide and OLX’s branding.

To make sure the actual app carries the same visual consistency as the design, we provide the interface kit, design specification, and visual prototype for developers to help them to understand how the components and the flow works in the design.

Definite OLX
Definite OLX

Creating A Hyperlocal

For the launch, we wanted to get people to talk through stories. Stories that matter, relevant, and relatable. However, we didn’t want to hard sell on OLX’s new features. Instead, we wanted to provide content that adds value to the target audience through the relevant social channels.

Definite OLX

Creating the Buzz

We also engineered conversation between multiple layers of social influencers that help to facilitate a much-needed buzz to get the audience excited for the new launch by not only have them post updates, but also interact with one another organically.

Definite OLX

Gathering Influencers

Our strategy was not to involve every other influencers on the campaign, but rather those who have stories of selling or buying pre-loved items. The influencers were divided onto three tiers: The Hero (influencers who were real-life celebrities), The Support (comprise of mostly celebgrams and niche-market influencers), and The Hub (smaller scale influencers that helped trigger the virality).

Definite OLX


With the launch of the redesign, coupled with the campaign that we created, the redesigned app was ultimately well-received by both existing and new users that were the original intended target for the app redesign. In managing the campaign, we also achieved a stellar turnaround time of less than 3 hours of response time across all digital touch-points.

We thank our...

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  • Pantarei
  • Havas Media
Digital Strategist
  • Kalista Cendani
Content Strategist
  • Dila Difakuma
Project Managers
  • Janet Gozali
  • Deafany Wulansari
Social Care
  • Ditya Kusuma Dewi
Mobile UX Design Lead
  • Faizal Rahman Hakim
Mobile UX Designer
  • Bhakti Firdaus
Account Managers
  • Olla Renilda
  • Eunike Rina
UX Designer
  • Frangky Melky
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