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Redesigning online shopping experience with user research

How we helped TokTok find the right design for niche market

As an online grocery store, TokTok offers variety of products from different suppliers which they sold exclusively to government employee. In 2018, we had the opportunity to redesign the shopping experience that suits the market unique behaviour through user research.

UI DesignWebsite Revamp

Focusing on what the user needs

We approach the project with quantitative research by conducting survey with 120 government employees around Jabodetabek and Central Java. The objective of the research is to gather insights about their shopping behaviour and how well the concept of online grocery shopping precieved by them as they never experience online groceries shopping before.

Definite TokTok

Identfying Product Based on Location

TokTok implemented location based inventory management to determine product availability, delivery area according to distributor warehouse data.This feature gives our user a little bit of effort to input their delivery address first before they can browse the product. We make sure that they can quickly get the registration process done with 4 steps process.

Definite TokTok

Easily Find The Product With Categorization

When it comes to grocery shopping, user tend to find their product based on it’s category. We create a neat and specific product categorization based on product type, brand, price, and availability to help them find the product easily.

Definite TokTok

Shopping list feature

About 73,3% of our user have high frequency of online shopping routine which usually shop once in a month. We want to ease their monthly online shopping by creating the Shopping List feature so they can plan their online shopping based on their monthly needs.

Definite TokTok


The new design recieved a lot positive feedbacks from the prototype testing session. The long research process really helps us to get the right insight directly to create the design which gives our user more enjoyable online shopping experience starts all the way from planning their shopping list.

We thank our...

  • ID Marco
Digital Strategist
  • Adinda Khairani
Account Executive
  • Yasmin Adalia
Project Manager
  • Dinar Gityandraddeta
  • Jonathan Prafa
UX Designer
  • Anthony Atmadja
  • Frangky Melky

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