SMART Goals for Your Website Redesign

WRITTEN BY Anisa Saraayu

If you open this article, chances are you’ve heard about SMART Goals somewhere in your journey of website redesign preparation. Some of you probably know already what SMART goals is, and some other probably still wondering what SMART goals is. Well, whichever you are, you’re on the right place. Here I’m going to explain what SMART goals is, how to create a SMART goals for your website redesign and what benefit you will get if you have SMART goals.

Let’s jump right in.

What is SMART Goals exactly?

You know what goal is. But what is SMART goals? SMART goals are sets of goals that will help to guide and provide structure for you whole project, in this case, redesigning your website. These goals have to fulfill five aspects;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Thus, SMART goals.

Now, let’s break down these aspects.


Your goals must be specific. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve. General idea or big picture won’t be enough. A little tips on how to be specific is by answering the 5W1H questions such as what you want to achieve, who you want to involve in this project, and also why you want to achieve these goals.


Define things that will help you measure your goals; what kind of measurement you can use to determine if you meet your goals? It can be defined as how much you’ll get, or how much you’ll see. In short, how will you know that you’ve reached your goal or certain milestone. If your goal is to increase the conversion rate then you need to know the benchmark and find out how much good is. If you divided your goals into several milestone, then you need to know what you expect to get when you reached certain milestone.


What’s the point of goals if they’re not achievable, yes? This means, don’t forget to weight your goals. Is it realistic based on your budget and time? If the goal is so important to you, do you have the power and skill needed to do it? If not, can you find someone to do it?


Make sure that your goals aligned with your business goals in broader aspect. You goals have to be relevant to your business and your company. Try to answer questions such as; is it worth it? Is it time yet? Or is it necessary for now?


You should be realistic not only on your goals but also on your timeline. Set a timeline, a target date; when do you want to reach the goals?

Create a SMART Goals

Now you know what SMART goals is and you know what it consist of. Let’s make one now! Here’s a quick example:

“I want to increase the conversion rate to 5% by the end of the year”

That is a short example of SMART goal. You can see what you want to achieve, how much and when.

If you want something more accurate, elaborate that simple SMART goal into something more specific. Such as;

“ Last year, our conversion rate was only 3%. Based on research, our customers think that the checkout process is too long and have lots of unnecessary steps. In addition, our homepage is confusing and unattractive. Thus, we need to redesign our website, improve our homepage and our checkout process to increase our conversion rate to 5% (Specific). In two weeks, we should already come up with the idea for our new homepage and new concept of our checkout process (measurable). We need to find a developer to help us with the redesign that can do this with this much of budget (attainable). Hopefully, in 8 months, we can increase our conversion rate to 5%, have less checkout process and new homepage (timely). It would be perfect to have our new face by then so people could shop easy for Christmas and New Year. “

Or, you could just write down the 5 aspects of SMART Goals and give short explanation on each aspects based on your goals. The point is, by breaking down your main ideas, you could see the goals in more details. In the process, you’ll probably going to find things you haven’t think about in the first place. SMART goals help you elaborate your goals into a more nitty gritty details.

Formulating SMART Goals

Benefit of SMART Goals

You probably wondering why you need SMART goals? Well, I could tell you some of the benefits you’ll get by using SMART Goals.

  1. You’ll have a clear and specific goals.
  2. SMART Goals can act as your guidance reach the goals.
  3. By breaking down your goals and see how attainable it is, it will motivate you to reach your goals.
  4. It helps you to be more organized and have a well defined plans.

All and all, SMART goals is a nice easy steps in defining and managing your goals. It might not perfect for everyone, but it’s one way to be more organized and have a hassle free project.


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